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concreteman Rob Rogers: The Concrete Man

Rob Rogers has had over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the concreting industry from domestic properties and house footings through to a number of industrial concrete projects.


Decorative Concrete: add that touch of class to your concrete

Decorative Concrete is The Concrete Man’s speciality. Never one for just a plain grey look – no The Concrete Man goes the extra mile, offering his clients the options of pattered pave, exposed concrete and coloured concrete.

concreteman  Australian Concrete Standards and High Quality Workmanship

All the work performed by The Concrete Man meets Australian Concrete Standards and the materials used are only the best.  High quality workmanship is the hallmark of Rob Rogers and his Concrete Crew.


Only the Best Price for your Concrete Project

No shortcuts or quick fixes or a slab here or there. Indeed as a client of The Concrete Man you can be assured of the best price to suit your concrete project and the work performed will exceed your expectations.

concreteman  Connections with Reputable Tradies

If there is other trades work that is needed, alongside the concrete work, then The Concrete Man can provide a list of reputable tradies: from landscapers, earthmovers and builders who will provide a stress-free service at competitive prices and with whom The Concrete Man has worked with over a number of years.


Quality Australian Standard Concrete Materials

Nothing but quality Australian Standard concrete materials are used every time for every job. The Concrete Man wants nothing but the very best to complete your concrete project so that you can rest in knowing that what you have requested is what happens.

Quality Australian Standard Concrete Materials


Exposed Concrete is highly recommended for sloping driveways – and there certainly is lots of those in Adelaide, especially in a number of the newer subdivisions. Exposed Concrete has great grip which is what makes it particularly suited to sloping driveways. On top of that, there is an extensive range of colours to choose from and the colour can be stand out even further by adding on pebble. The Concrete Man has had a vast amount of experience in laying exposed concrete and is well known for his high-end standard of performance.


Why just have stock standard grey concrete when you can have coloured concrete? Stand out from the neighbours! The Concrete Man has a wide range of colours to choose from to complement the colour schemes of client’s homes. Simply ask to look at the selection of colours and you will never want to have grey concrete again!


Your concreted surfaces do not need to be plain and boring – not only is there the option of adding colour but you could also consider getting a pattern laid on. The Concrete Man and his Crew have had over 20 years experience working doing this type of intricate concrete layering. There are six styles of patterns to choose from and the pattern can match with the look and feel of your home. Ask the Concrete Man today for advice on what pattern would add that touch of class and ambience to your home’s concreted surfaces.


Industrial Sites can be easily handled by The Concrete Man and his experienced Crew. Whether it be a truck depot, a retail car park, an industrial shed or a large land development you can be assured that The Concrete Man’s attention to detail and years of experience doing this type of work will mean your industrial concrete surfaces will stand the test of time, no matter how much foot or car/traffic the surface may be exposed to.


Often with a concreting project there will be some Earthwork required. The Concrete Man has his own earthwork machinery and is able to perform the digouts required in order for the work to be done at the appropriate depths. No middleman is needed – the benefit to you as the client is a cost-effective price.


For some concrete projects there may be stormwater work that is needed. The Concrete Man partners with high quality Plumbing Contractors who provide an excellent economical service.

ROB ROGERS: THE CONCRETE MAN would be delighted to help you with all your concreting projects: big or small, domestic or industrial.

Make contact today to discuss concrete with someone who knows what they are talking about: guaranteed to be the best, so all you need to do is rest!



concrete services in Adelaide
concrete services in Adelaide
concrete services in Adelaide
concrete services in Adelaide